When you have something to say

Do you say it?

Do you want to say it but are too scared of peoples’ opinions?

Do you write it down in hopes that will be enough?

Do you say it to everyone except the one person you need to say it to, hoping they’ll hear it through the grapevine and you won’t have to be vulnerable?

Honesty is the only thing we can do to maintain integrity, and yet, honesty is a big cross to bear. It hurts feelings, it ends relationships, it makes us uncomfortable…honesty can be so raw and unsympathetic.

Does honesty really set you free? Or is it an excuse to be selfish?

Should we go around voicing our real, honest opinions or should we think about what people need to hear to be comfortable?

Is our “live your truth” culture moving us towards progress?

The intersection of these two extremes, where our authentic selves bring value to others’ lives, is what I’m interested in finding. Calling on boundaries, bravery, and a healthy dose of humility for the assist.

Some brave women I know. #stillwithher

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